Master Romano (Masters of the Consulate Book 4) by Sylvia Black – Review by Charlisa Wahtomy-Alba

Master RomanoMaster Romano by Sylvia Black
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

All the books in this series have been great and this one is no exception. Master Romano is tasked with settling a long going fued between vampires and witches over some land. Raven is a witch who belongs to the coven involved in the fight for said land but in a plot twist she actually ends up helping the vampires. When the consulate comes to believe that Raven is a spy Romano is tasked with ending her. Even though they are on different sides of the fight he is captivated by Raven and has other plans. Will he stay true to his vampire brethren and do as he was ordered or take Raven as a mate?

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