Remember to Forget Me (Too Lost to Love #1) by Hazel Storm- Review By Angela Hayes

Remember to Forget Me (Too Lost To Love, #1)Remember to Forget Me by Hazel Storm
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5 Stars


Remember to Forget Me is the first book in the Too Lost to Love, the captivating new series by Hazel Storm. It is a cleverly woven second chance romance with a friends to lovers element, mystery, tension, secrets, trauma, past history, pain, guilt, connection, chemistry, steam, intrigue, family tensions/dynamics, memory loss, drama, and some angsty moments.
I have adored everything that I have read by this very talented author, and this book was no exception. As soon as I saw this pop up on my recommended book list I high-tailed it to the website to one-click myself a copy, putting everything else aside so I could dive right in. I was engrossed right from the beginning and stayed completely immersed in the story right till the last word.
Addison (Addie) fell in love with her best friend at the tender age of 13 – he was her muse and everything to her…. the centre of her world. Without him by her side she never would have survived the devastating loss that rocked her to the core. But then her world was shattered again when a brutal attack left her heart in shreds. Now, he doesn’t remember their time together, it’s gone, completely erased, except for a few melodies- and her guilt is a heavy burden to bear. Ten years may have passed, but she is still stuck in the past, unable to fully move on. If fate brought them together once more, and offered her a chance to spend time with him again, would she grab that opportunity with both hands, even knowing what they once had together has been erased from his mind? Will she risk her heart and more pain for a few stolen moments in his arms? What happens if he does remember? Could she bear his hate and scorn? Well worth the read to find out…
This was a fantastic story, and a wonderful start to this new series…. I am hooked and can’t wait to see where we go from here.
Happy Reading!

Thank you, Hazel Storm!


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