The Colors of Love (The Colors Trilogy Book 2) by K.R. Raye – Review by Kerry Carr

The Colors of Love (Colors Trilogy, #2)The Colors of Love by K.R. Raye
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the 2nd book in the Colors Trilogy.
We are back with Lance, Imani and Melody as they try to navigate college life. Dealing with new stresses, Romance, demons of the past and their future the 3 friends are going through their life’s facing different situations and finding and losing love.

After the devastating events of the last book it has sent shock waves through the 3 friends. Now they are all trying to rebuild their lives and all the challenges that they will come against. As young adults there is a lot of angst. Love and romance are confusing concepts. One thing none of the friends want is a repeat of the last time one of them fell in love.
With Melody’s past relationship and the terrible end that came too she is reluctant to let another man close to her. Is she right to keep herself guarded and closed off?
Imani is always strong and sensible but when she gets into a long- distance relationship with DJ she finds herself feeling and confronting emotions she’s never felt before .

And finally Lance. Lance is definately a ladies man. However now he main focus is looking after his girls and becoming a professional athlete. So how will he react when there is another danger aimed at his girls or when his promiscuous history comes back to bite him.

This story is full of emotion as they all deal with their own problems but their love for each other and unwavering support shines though the pages.

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