Necrosis by C.L. Schneider – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

NecrosisNecrosis by C.L. Schneider
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All was well in the Amy’s world, albeit life wasn’t easy, she had her daughter and that was what mattered, the fleeting relationships with men, drugs, sadness and a slow spiral into the darkness were just that, fleeting, she still had her mothers love and support, until one day it all changed and the virus took hold. At first it was contained and there were only a few infected to start with, but as soon as it took hold, people started changing, they called it Necrosis and suddenly it was everywhere and it terrified Amy.

She knew it was a bad idea to try and get to her mother as soon as she entered the city, but she had pushed and now she was looking at her necrotic mother and freezing, just like every other time she was faced with violence, but this time, she had something to defend, this time, she had to protect her daughter and that was all that mattered. So muttering an apology, she put her mother out of her misery and escaped her childhood home before more of the infected could get to them, now they just needed to get back to the truck and get the hell out of there, but nothing is as easy as first thought.

They managed to get back to the truck, but there was also a need for supplies, so while it was quiet and infected free, Amy decides to see if there is anything to scavenge, but unfortunately, she is betrayed and this leads to confrontation and risk, especially when the infected breach the shop next to the truck and her daughter is in danger again. This time Amy is prepared to do anything to get to her and devises a plan to distract the infected so that she can get to the truck, but can she get there before the other parade of the infected get to her? Can Amy keep them both alive and escape the city before it is too late? This is a dystopian apocalyptic tale which plumbs the depths of a mothers love in ensuring the survival of her child in a world filled with danger around every corner, it pulls you in and keeps you on edge throughout, as you follow along this story which is perfect for the horror lovers out there.

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