Devlin by Angela K. Parker – Review by Dr. Anya Schultz

DevlinDevlin by Angela K. Parker
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Devlin: A Forbidden Office Romance was a great enemy to lovers read. Eve and Devlin are coworkers at a toy company. Eve is an independent, hard-working woman who will not let herself be wooed by Devlin’s charm. Devlin has always been attracted to Eve but understood not to mess business with pleasure. That was until he heard she broke up with her long-term boyfriend and saw his chance. Eve is not having that since Devlin is known as the bachelor with no hopes for anything but a physical relationship. What the two of them don’t realize is that the sexual chemistry just couldn’t be denied. Devlin starts to realize he can no longer deny his feelings and can’t believe that Eve made her way into his heart. There is a problem however, Devlin has kept a pretty big secret that could destroy everything, along with the fact that he is going to also be her boss. Can they keep their relationship a “dirty little secret” to save their jobs and their hearts?
I always enjoy a good enemy-to-lovers story. Both characters were very enjoyable and engaged in a no-bullshit type of way. The banter and progression of their story were romantic, realistic, and sexy. I thought Eve portrayed a character that was relatable and confident. She didn’t let Devlin in without him knowing what she wanted and didn’t. Devlin also had a way of “handling” her, he was portrayed as a confident, but not narcissistic man which came across the page as very sexy. The ending left me feeling meh. I love that it progressed to where it did, however, I feel we went from one feeling to something way beyond that. I liked that there was an epilogue but I almost wished I found out a little more about where they go.

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