Malayeka (A Heartstrings Book) by Brooke May – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

Malayeka (Heartstrings Book 3)Malayeka by Brooke May
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Malayeka is a Cupid, or at least, she is part of a team who aid Cupid in bringing humans together in true love bonds, but it is not as simple as it sounds, however, Malayeka does love her job and when she receives her next assignment, she is looking forward to getting started, even though it is not the first time she has been to the place she is being sent.

Two centuries before, Malayeka had been assigned a couple, but it did not go as smoothly as planned and it created a rivalry more thorough than certain ones mentioned in a certain play, so now she is back, she wants to get the lay of the land, in a manner of speaking. Unfortunately, the first thing she sees are two grandpa’s in boats on a pond threatening each other with shotguns, the next thing she sees is the town the two families live in and the literal divide it has created, with the Thompson’s on one side and the Reid’s on the other. The atmosphere is tense as she walks down the middle of the street while being hailed into shops by both sides, but there is only one she is looking for and that is a bakery, this is where she meets Billie, the owner, the first of her pair.

As Malayeka is introducing herself, the bakery suddenly is full of chaos with two men stood outside laughing, this is where Malayeka meets Leo, the other half of her assignment and this is where she realises the extent to what she will have to overcome to bring the two together. With her favourite sweet treat of a cookie in hand, Malayeka starts to make a plan to bring the two and their families together, but will the past repeat itself, or will the future be as sweet as the cookies she loves to eat? This is a sweet romance in every way, which is full of rivalries, loyalties and strong personalities in this tale of fate, romance and feuds.

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