Raine Down: An Urban Fantasy Adventure (The Shadow Guardians Book 1) by C.B. Samet – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

Raine Down: An Urban Fantasy Adventure (The Shadow Guardians)Raine Down: An Urban Fantasy Adventure by CB Samet
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Raine Thoren is a Shadow Guardian, she is a member of a secret council who protect non-magical side of humanity from things that they don’t even know about and since Ragnarok happened and the necessity of the inhabitants left living to mingle with humans, causing a dilution of their bloodlines, but ensured their survival, this has been a necessity. Raine is good at her job, so when she comes up against her latest foe, she thinks she has everything planned out, but that is until an FBI agent throws a spanner into the works and lands himself right in the middle of it. Will Decker is an FBI agent through and through, he strictly follows the rules, both personally and professionally and he is also very good at his job, but he is tracking a serial killer and he has finally found him, however, things don’t go to plan.

As Will announces himself to the world, the killer turns on him, but he is quicker and stronger than anyone he had ever chased and when he realises this, this is when a woman leaps in front of him and saves his life, but is injured in the process and the killer gets away, but he helps this woman instead of chasing him. Raine is hurting badly from the attack, but decides to accept Will’s help, at least until she healed enough to go back to where she is staying and as they both report back to their superiors, they understand that they will have to work together to track and stop this killer.

As Raine opens up to Will about the killer and his supernatural powers and the supernatural community as a whole, he struggles to accept it, but he perseveres and as the investigation continues, he comes to realise that this fantasy is becoming his reality and it is a lot to take in, but Raine helps him and they work well together, but can they open up to each other and stop this killer, or will the victims be out of luck? This is a fantasy adventure, where a race against time is on to stop a serial killer in his path and with plenty of action throughout, you will be hooked in and eager to know how the story ends.

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