Nightfall in Deptford (Crescent Moon Chronicles Book 4) by L.E. Towne – Review by Jo Frizzell

Nightfall in Deptford (Crescent Moon Chronicles #4)Nightfall in Deptford by L.E. Towne
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a very interesting story! The legend in the beginning was a beautiful way to set up the actual storyline. The details and descriptions in the setting were truly captivating, painting a picture in my mind as I read through. It was almost as if I was watching a movie, reading through each chapter and getting to know the characters. Truly seeing how Kit was thinking, whether it was about Tam, his fate, or what was happening in his hometown, was really eye opening. The alternating points of view was also fun to see, the way each character is different but complements the others they are around or discuss. I also love the premise of time travel, and the way the author uses it in this book is simply stunning and absolutely worth the read!

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