Kamana Wanalaya by Susan Renee – Review by Ayla Phipps

Kamana Wanalaya for the Holidays: A Grinchy/Sunshine Holiday RomanceKamana Wanalaya for the Holidays: A Grinchy/Sunshine Holiday Romance by Susan Renee
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This is the first book I have read by the talented Susan Renee. While the synopsis and title pulled me in with a unique story it was the first sentence of page one that had me giggling to myself and roped me into the characters. Tenley is a “Love Cynic”, Teagan is a “Love Guru”.
Tenley uses her podcast to tell her listeners about practical adult relationships. While her wishes for the world seem pure, she thinks the biggest problem in the world is too many people thinking with their heart and not their brains. Teagan uses his podcast to give his listeners hope about love. Everyone has a fated partner. He feels the world’s biggest problem is that too many people don’t love or feel they can be loved. Tenley reviews one of Teagan’s recent blog posts calling him out. During a radio interview Teagan takes it up a notch giving a formal invitation to the “Love Cynic”. An all-expenses paid one week vacation to Kamana Wanalaya Resort in Hawaii, only request that if she accepts, she comes in with an open mind. When she accepts everything begins to change.
Will Teagan be able to help Tenley’s heart grow? Will Tenley finally be able to feel love? This book has it all, steamy scenes, comedy, and questions that really make you think. I honestly loved this book from page one, the characters were amazing and the way they are opposites with similar goals for the world makes you stop and think about how many different solutions there are to problems. They both want to: lower the divorce rates in the world, lower the domestic violence and lower the number of children in the foster care system. Will they find common ground between the Love Cynic and the Love Guru? Read this amazing original story to find out.

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