The Luminara Series: Box Set – Volume 1 (Lussuria – L’amore – Lucca’s Lust) by SJ Molloy – Review by Angela Hayes

The Luminara Series: Box Set Volume 1: Lussuria - L'amore -Lucca's LustThe Luminara Series: Box Set Volume 1: Lussuria – L’amore -Lucca’s Lust by S.J. Molloy
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The Luminara Series: Box Set – Volume 1 (Lussuria – L’amore – Lucca’s Lust) by SJ Molloy.
This boxset contains the first three books in The Luminara Series: Lussuria (Book #1), L’amore (Book #2), and Lucca’s Lust (Book #3).
I was drawn to the series by the beautiful covers and the promise of a “an emotional erotic heart wrenching story of lust, love and light.” Seeing that there were more books in the series, either published, or soon to be released, I snapped up a copy and dove in.
I love a great series you can sink your teeth into and get lost in- and that’s what I was hoping for here. But I am so sorry to say that I felt a little disappointed in the end. While the story was okay- it didn’t pack the ‘punch’ I was hoping for – and for me it just didn’t live up to the promise or expectation.
I really wanted to love this book/series so hard- but just couldn’t connect with the characters and their story in the way I had hoped. I also felt that the story was really drawn out and could have been condensed into one or two books. For the size of the books/boxset and all the words- there isn’t a great deal of development or the substance I would have expected- so I was left feeling disappointed. If the story had been condensed a little and had some ‘meatier’ development- then this could have been a really stellar read. There is a lot of potential here- but just failed to hit the mark for me.
Added to that, some of the dialogue/situations really felt forced, awkward, and stilted- they didn’t flow well or seem ‘natural’- which made for a bit of an unsettling read. I also note that there has been nearly six years between the previous books’ release and the pending new release. That’s a LONG wait between books- so I am very glad that I didn’t start this series sooner.
The story/series did get a bit better the further in to it I got- so I am holding out hope for the next books- and yes, I will be finishing the series- I always finish what I start. So fingers crossed.
I really did want to love this series so much more than I have (so far) and I am sorry but I just didn’t connect- but maybe it’s just me. Maybe next time I will?

Thank you, S.J. Molloy!


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