Boss’s Vendetta by Via Mari-Review by Tausha Treadway

Boss's Vendetta (Sicilian Gods Book 1)Boss’s Vendetta by Via Mari
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Boss’s Vendetta: Dark Mafia Romance (Sicilian Gods Book 1) by Via Mari. This is one of my very favorite authors so I knew I would love this book and my gosh, it’s amazing. Its the story of Adrianna who is a doctor and she has been hired to be the doctor for the Larussio family. What she doesn’t really know is the extent of the crimes this family is into. Her salary is amazing and she gets to live in a top notch room at the hotel the family owns and is also the doctor for the hotel. She has things she is hiding from so she takes the job and doesn’t ask a lot of questions. Salavatore Larussio is about to become the Don of the family because his cousin is stepping down. Sal is known to be a cold hearted man who lets nothing come between him and his job or family. When he meets Adrianna he’s smitten and can’t get her off his mind. Will he take a chance at love or will he keep his hard core demeanor up not wanting to chance getting hurt? Read this amazing mafia crime novel to find out!

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