Nite Fire: Exit Strategy Audiobook by C.L. Schneider – Review by Callie Luna

Nite Fire: Exit Strategy is an incredible story! This is the first book that I have read/ listened to by C. L. Schneider. From the first word, I was propelled into an incredible action scene and an apocalypse to boot. The action and suspense are present throughout the book. I did not want to stop listening for a minute!

The audiobook quality and the pacing are amazing. Dahlia’s voice is what I expected and her personality shines through. Some of the other male characters’ voices can be a little annoying but overall I thought the performance was great. During some of the intense scenes, the narrator slows down to really provide the needed impact.

Even though there were previous books that I have not read I was able to understand the story and fell in love the with characters. Dahlia is a strong female character lead. The authors’ descriptions of the places and the creatures gave me clear visuals of the world. I love how Dahlias’ shifting is described. I cannot wait to read/ listen to the rest of the series!

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