Underboss’s Retaliation (Sicilian Gods Book 2) by Via Mari – Review by Dr. Anya Schultz

Underboss's Retaliation (Sicilian Gods Book 2)Underboss’s Retaliation by Via Mari
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Underboss’s Retaliation is a dark mafia romance about enemy families. Dominic is the new underboss of the Larussio family. The Larussio family is trying to retaliate against the De Rosa family ever since they attacked and killed a handful of people from their family at a wedding. While Dominic is getting his revenge on the De Rosa’s, they capture the boss’s daughter. Emelia De Rosa is an educated female, but very much hidden from the work of her father’s life. She was taught how to somewhat protect herself, but not enough. She is feisty, and Dominic is highly attracted to that. While she tries to escape, she realizes that she is highly attracted to Dominic as well. The two of them know that this match can not happen, but can they resist each other? What does this mean for Emelia – she is the prisoner and the enemy’s daughter?
I enjoyed this book very much. I love a good dark mafia romance, enemies-to-lovers trope. I thought the story was quickly moving which kept my interest. The main characters were also loveable, even Dominic. Dominic is demanding, strong, and a little possessive, but also has respect for women. He shows a lot of honesty in her presence when he can. This mafia family takes care of their own which allows Emelia to feel pretty safe, even when she shouldn’t. Emelia is a great character. She is feisty, smart, and witty, but also very understanding. She also shows how much family means to her and that she too is willing to protect family, if they are deserving of it. This is the second of the series that I have read and probably will continue to follow the story.

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