Vaughn’s Xena (Dirty Rockhard Billionaire Book 1) by M.I. Rosegold – Review by Dr. Anya Schultz

Vaughn's Xena (Dirty Rockhard Series, #1)Vaughn’s Xena by M.I. Rosegold
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Well, Vaughn’s Xena was one of the smuttiest books I have read in a while. If you like a raunchy, best friend’s brother trope, this one is for you. This story is about a college student named Xena who fantasizes about her roommate’s (and best friend’s) brother, Vaughn. Vaughn is a wealthy, handsome, fit man, but one who is also private and apparently hates women, besides his sister, Ronnie. Vaughn has not been seen with a woman for quite some time and he seems to be super private, Xena knows from the start that her fantasies will stay just that. But, on a weekend break, Xena and Ron go to stay at Ronnie’s mansion and her brother is making the trip too. Xena comes to find out that Vaughn has been pining for her for a very long time. This is the start of their raunchy adventures. Xena, while very happy that Vaughn also wants her, she is worried about Ronnie. Will she be mad at Xena for being with Vaughn? Will the sibling relationship, which is very strong, weaken by this development? These questions haunt Xena so the relationship starts as a secret and we all know that never ends well! Will they be able to all find a way to be happy?
I enjoyed this book! I thought that the characters were loveable, but it has to be your cup of tea. Vaughn, well he is just all man, but he is the jealous and possessive, somewhat stalker type. What I love about him though is that the domination mainly revolves around the aspects of sex, in the real world he is always proud of Xena and how she handles business. He is also always showing her how he thought about her in many of the decisions that he made which was sweet. Xena is a quiet, secret sex craze woman, but one that knows what she wants. There are very vivid and explicit sex scenes and degradation – so if that isn’t for you don’t read. It is a story that progresses pretty fast, with feelings -one-day “strangers” and the next they are “in love”. I will say that one thing that really annoyed me, and it is probably just a “me” thing, was that the author said “gosh” a good amount. Now, this word normally doesn’t bother me, but when you are vividly stating what is happening, with all the juicy words that go with it, but then constantly say “gosh” it just throws off the vibe for me. Overall though, it was a pretty good read.

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