Taylor’s Law (The Anderson Sisters Book 1) by Jennifer Raines – Review by Tara Johnson Barnes

Taylor's LawTaylor’s Law by Jennifer Raines
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Ella’s sister, Chrissy, has recently died and Ella has been left to raise her young niece on her own. Ella loves Tessa as her own child and has helped to raise her since she was a baby because Chrissy was too sick to care for her on her own. Ella is still coming to terms with the death of her sister when she receives a letter summoning her to Taylor law to discuss paternity and custody of Tessa. Ella is in shock over the letter and is scared to death of losing Tessa.

When Ella arrives at the law office of Jacob Taylor, she is expecting to meet him alone but instead finds him sitting with an older gentleman. It turns out the older man is the father to the man Chrissy has stated was Tessa’s father, Drew Browning. Ella is shocked when news is revealed to her of a letter that her sister Chrissy was supposed to have written to Drew prior to her death. It seems that her sister had some secrets that she kept well hidden from Ella.

Jake has the best interests of his aunt and uncle at heart and thinks that Ella is trying to con them by saying his cousin, Drew, is Tessa’s biological father. Before they have even determined that Tessa is their granddaughter the Browning’s develop an attachment to the young girl and this concerns Jake. He thinks that Ella is lying and will do everything in his power to protect them from getting hurt and conned. Drew only wants to exploit his relationship with Tessa for his own selfish gain. As secrets are revealed and things ensue Ella and Jake are on opposite sides of a custody battle for Tessa. Both Ella and Jake want to protect Tessa but that becomes complicated by their undeniable attraction to one another.

This book had an overwhelming theme of the love of a family and never giving up. Ella loves her niece as her own child and will do anything to protect her. Jake loves his aunt and uncle and will do anything to keep them from getting hurt. Both Ella and Jake want what is best for young Tessa but Jake is conflicted between the love of his family and the love of a woman. Will he be able to make the right decision? There was a rollercoaster ride of emotions throughout as the story unfolded and secrets are revealed. I highly recommend!

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