Punk (Popov Boys Book 6) by Leslie Georgeson – Review by Angela Shirley

Punk (Popov Boys #6)Punk by Leslie Georgeson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Efrem Popov is struggling to find his space in the world, being from one of the most dangerous families their reputation always muddies the water to who he is. Once making a deal with his grandfather to disband the illegal side of the family he is still hiding his secret from his family, but one day he decides to leave the family business and find a job on his own. That’s when he finds Miranda and she recuses him more than she will ever know.

Miranda is locked in a nasty divorce and is struggling with her business until one day in walks a young man looking for a job, she has a opening for, he sets to work discovering what her ex-husband and friend was up to and finds a whole heap of dog poo to unravel. Efrem helps Miranda uncover the embezzlement, but more drama follows when her stepdaughter shows up pleading for her to stay with Miranda.

As the story goes on Miranda and Efrem discover feelings for each other but with Efrem’s dark secret and Miranda’s ex-husband can the couple survive the pressures and become one with each other.

OMG, I love this series. I have devoured every book but this one I confess is my favourite as in the other books you get a glimpse of Efrem, but this book lets him shine. I love the interaction with his family and that the emotion of him being lost in a world of violence. Miranda is the quiet calm to Efrem, and the chemistry sparks off the page regarding these to beautiful characters.

As always, the story is well written and flows effortlessly drawing you in to the world of Bratva and Efrem’s reality. I hope there are more books in this series as I am not ready to give up the Popov’s just yet.

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