The Promised Plan by Sharon Hughson – Review by Kerry Carr

The Promised PlanThe Promised Plan by Sharon Hughson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a very moving and emotional read. It contains poems and is like short stories bit it all covers the same topic. It’s a story of one families way of dealing with the loss of their mother/ wife/grandmother. Such a huge loss in a family can make friction and arguments even worse as everyone tries to deal with their grief in their own way. Resentment can build and push people further apart at the time they should be the closest they have ever been.
When their mum passed Krista and Lacey were already not on speaking terms. These once close sisters have a wedge between them that needs to be fixed and before their mum passed she had a plan to do just that. However fate intervened and their mum didn’t make it to see her daughters reconcile. That is now down to the granddaughter to execute this plan and hopefully repair the damage.
This story is a story of grief, guilt, shame, dealing with all of these issues and some unresolved issues that have pushed the sisters apart.
This book is a very open and honest look at grief and dealing with loss. At times it’s not pretty as the sisters struggle with resentment towards God, the circumstances and even each other as well as feelings of guilt that they could have done more.
It is a beautifully open honest look into a family torn apart by loss and grief and the hope that no matter what things can become better and conflicts can be resolved.

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