Intoxication (Blue Line, #3) by Brandy Ayers – Review by Sheri Schrader

Intoxication (Blue Line, #3)Intoxication by Brandy Ayers
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Intoxication by Brandy Ayers is the third book in the Blue Line Series. This is a standalone book but in my opinion, is better enjoyed if the rest of the series is read. The story is about Police Chief Jon Gallo and Camille Artiga. Chief Gallo has dedicated his life to serving and protecting Middleburg. Now he is combating an ever-growing drug ring that has made its way into his town. Upon meeting Camille Artiga, Gallo realizes his life is going to change. She has been pulled into a life of crime and drugs and forced to give up her dream of medical school. Gallo helps her when she is left for dead. Can the two overcome all the odds against them?
I have enjoyed this series and certainly was happy to see a book about Chief Gallo. He is kind, compassionate but knows how to take care of business. He cares about his family, his officers, and the town he protects. Has he finally found his someone special? Camille is tough and innocent all at the same time. She has been used by those she has trusted and finds it hard to trust. Somehow she feels a security with Gallo that she hasn’t felt in a long time.
This has a HEA but is well worth it. I always enjoy Ayers books and this one as well. She has great characters and good story lines. The books are fun to read and are a nice break away from some of the seriousness of the world. We all need more happy endings.

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