Perilous Confessions (The Possession Chronicles #1) by Carrie Dalby – Review Lisa Helmick

Perilous Confessions (The Possession Chronicles Book 1)Perilous Confessions by Carrie Dalby
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Perilous Confessions (The Possession Chronicles Book 1)
By Carrie Dalby
Rated 4 stars

I was way wrong about this book. With the cover photo and The word possession in the series name. I thought this was a demonic story. But it doesn’t seem to be that way at all. It a love affair back in the early years. Where ladies were meant to be respectable and the men rakish. This deals with that as well as the darker side of those days. How can a love survive when everyone and everything is against them?
I enjoyed the characters but felt the story was overly long. It was repeated telling of the devotion and love for the main couple. Near the end it picked up and got crazy. I kept waiting for something to happen. The other “proverbial” shoe to drop. Each of the main characters was adventurous and wanted to live outside the norms of society. Tough to do with family obligations. Edward and Fredrick were nice secondary characters. They added charm and appeal. Eliza is not at all what I expected. She is a free spirit who enjoys what life has to offer.

I enjoyed the story. Alex and Lucy were lovely and I really rooted for them. I loved that he called her: “My queen…..”. At the ending and after reading the epilogue I am left with more questions than answers. Then I read the sneak peak of the next book and am even more confused. This is a first time author for me. It was easy to get into the story and learn to like the characters (flaws and all) but I was wishing for a more satisfying ending.

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