Feathers – A Novel by Kylie Stewart – Review by Jana Teppih

Feathers - A NovelFeathers – A Novel by Kylie Stewart
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Feathers by Kylie Stewart is a story that you will find yourself thinking about after you finish it. It is so well written that while reading you felt like you were there, living it with Charlotte “Little Lottie” and Hawk, and because you were living it with them then you keep feeling it in your bones …
Kylie has given us two old souls that both carry such burden that at times you were wondering how they were able to function as ‘normal’ as they did … you could clearly see why they were drawn to each other and how Charlotte was able to trust a man – Hawk. You feel for them and you hope that together they would learn how to be free and how to find happiness, even if it takes years! Feathers is an emotional rollercoaster that moves slowly so you are forced to feel deep. I noticed that that there will be Wings novella so I am looking forward to where the journey will take our Charlotte and Hawk!

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