Love Me, Dreamy (Love Me Series) by Laura Burton

Love Me, Dreamy (Love Me Series) by Laura Burton
Genre – Sci Fi Romance/ Fantasy
Page Count – 302 pages
Cover Designer: Gemma Nielsen
Note: This is a standalone novel.
Fate brought them together… But the Universe is determined to tear them apart.
Sitting on a park bench, Amelia can’t remember how she got there. But when a young, Californian surfer wanders up, figuring it out doesn’t seem so important. The chance meeting leads to a date and then another. Sparks fly and although she never imagined falling in love with someone so much younger than her, he’s perfect.
That is… except for the strange men in black suits who keep showing up. Are they being followed?
Toby knows a secret, but if he tells Amelia, he risks losing her forever. With the guardians set on tearing him away from her, he whisks Amelia to another part of the world. They’re safe, but not for long. Their relationship is put to the ultimate test, when Toby and Amelia stand at the top of a waterfall. With only one chance to stay alive, he asks her to take a leap of faith. Amelia thinks they will surely die, but Toby insists it’s the only way to be together.
This YA Paranormal romance will take your breath away. If you enjoyed the Adjustment Bureau, Inception or The Matrix, you will LOVE this.
Note: No sex, swearing or accessive violence. HEA. No animals are harmed in this book.


Laura Burton is a thirty-year-old homeschooling mother of three boys. When she isn’t walking her dog or avoiding housework, she is attached to her rose gold macbook air and tapping away on her keyboard. Laura maintains a blog called Laura’s Beautiful World and writes personalised poetry for bereaved families.


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