Evil Sushi (Evil Sushi Series Book 1) by C.A King – Review by Anna Hirsch

Evil SushiEvil Sushi by C.A. King
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Evil Sushi (Evil Sushi Series Book 1) by C.A King
4 Stars

I have read many novels by C.A King and loved them all. This book was weird but in a good way. The concept was so original, I loved it. The story takes place some time in the future. Humans saved the animals and the climate but destroyed the ecosystem under our oceans. By not eating meat, people overfished to compensate and now there are barely any fish left. In a small town on the Eastern Coast, two fishermen trudge out to sea in hopes of catching something to at least feed their family. What happens next will definitely take you by surprise. Excitement soon turns to trepidation and eventually leads to horror. With everything happening in the world today, can this be a possibility in our world? Although the book is fictional, it does make you think. Looking forward to seeing what happens in part two.

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