Shameless (The Orphan Train Saga Book 2) by Sherry A. Burton – Review by Tausha Treadway

Shameless (The Orphan Train Saga Book 2)Shameless by Sherry A. Burton
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Shameless (The Orphan Train Saga Book 2) by Sherry A. Burton. I love these books! Each one leaves me wanting to read more. This is the second book in the series and these should be read in order. Its the continuing story of Cindy & her mom finding out that their grandmother/mother was an orphan on the infamous Orphan Trains. The Orphan Trains were used to take orphans and unwanted children West to people that wanted children. They have found tons of journals in the grandmother’s attic. This is Tobias aka Mouse’s story. We first met Tobias in the first book and he was not a person I wanted to read more about but this book explains why he’s so hard. He was a young orphan living on the streets of NYC learning to lie, cheat and steal to survive. He finds himself on the Train West but once he gets there it doesn’t work out and he’s sent back to NYC. He does really well this time around and becomes smarter in the ways of the streets until he sees MIleta aka Mildred. He’s obsessed with her and somehow ends up on another Train headed West and ends up in a very crime ridden gang called the Purple Gang Society. I loved reading about Tobias and actually liked his story even more than Mileta’s! I can’t wait for the next heartbreaking story. These are some of the best books I’ve read this year!

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