A Dark Sparrow Box Set (Dark Sparrow Series Books 1-3) by India Kells – Review by Cindy Mayberry

A Dark Sparrow Box Set - Books 1-3A Dark Sparrow Box Set – Books 1-3 by India Kells
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Dark Sparrow
Box Series
Books 1 – 3
By India Kells
I chose to review book 2 as it is my favorite.
In this book you will find suspense, a little twist and a whole lot of forbidden love. They can be a standalone but best to read the series from the beginning.

Zoe Somersby has taken her job to the limit. Her specialty is translating many languages, under cover. But she does not let on so, she can hear what is needed. To keep her boss safe. Be his ears during his business dealings. Learning everything could come to a halt. After all she did sign a contract stating she could not get involved with the boss personally!

Archer Blackwood is the CEO of his own company, extremely good looking but, he is cold and ruthless. Loaded with money Archer is in control of everything. He has hired Zoe, the one and only woman that has gotten under his skin. He has no time for falling in love?

India Kells is an exciting new author for me. She sucked right into her book.This story was filled with all kinds of angst and twists. Her characters will make you fall in love with them, well some of them anyway. Others will just keep you wondering when they will get to meet Karma. Now that she has a boxed set I can read them again all together. A must if you love re reading the series as I do. So feel free to get started with this series. I will be out here waiting for her next series.


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