The Rise of House Valdis (House Valdis Book 1) by Naomi Valkyrie – Review by Kerry Carr

The Rise of House Valdis (House Valdis #1)The Rise of House Valdis by Naomi Valkyrie
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This books is an amazing adventure into the supernatural world. If you love vampires, werewolves and all things supernatural you will love it.

Xenobia is a shadowdancer who arrived on earth and has set up a safe house for women who have been abused. Life is peaceful until their way of life is threatened and she is begged to save a girl called Mercy.

Upon saving her it sets off a chain of events that change everyones lifes forever. Xenobia has to come to terms with all the othet supernatural beings she didnt know existed all the while trying to save her girls.

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