Hail Mary by Hope Anika – Review by Faith Jackson

Hail MaryHail Mary by Hope Anika
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

You’ll love to pick up this one if not for the action alone but the fact that it seems like a modern Western to me which makes this book an instant classic. At least in my humble opinion.
Wynn Owens is a sarcastic ex-convict turned good or decent landlord. She gets vibes from one of her older tenants that he’s had something to do with robberies in the past.
Sheriff Beau Greystone put his foot in his mouth as he has his imposing aunt to thank for his new position as sheriff. Beau’s wife recently passed but it’s also wounded not only his body but his heart as well. With all of that afloat, he’s checked out of the physical world and into his own world in his mind. The community of Blossom Hills needs him to step up as their sheriff and Beau is up to capture the robber — until a cold case killer has to be captured first to restore peace in the community.
Beau and Wynn’s lives collide as she’s acquit a tenant and he’s about to capture a killer on the loose. Their world as they know it is about to be turned upside down as forces beyond their control change their perspectives as they know it. As the clock winds down, they have big decisions to make. Do they leave the darkness behind or embrace it for what it has become? The twists and turns keep you entertained in as the suspense builds in this story. This book was amazing!

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