HIT AND RUN by Diane Hester – Review by Joanne Ellis

Hit and RunHit and Run by Diane Hester
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Raina Wilkins is forced to go on the run with a wanted killer and a homeless teen with a very deadly secret……… and until that point, she had thought she had very little to live for.
Driving from the woods in Maine, Raina hits a man, thinking it is an animal, who darts straight in front of her.
From that moment on that stranger climbs in her car, which forces her to drive on at gunpoint. Terrified with the gun pointed at her face, she did as she was asked.

Shortly after, however, this stranger gets out and disappears back into the forest.. Thinking she will never see him again after that, Alec DeMarco has left something behind when he left.
This something, others would absolutely kill to possess it.

When Alec returns to claim this, Raina is then swept into a world of conspiracy, murder and abduction. A world where even the police want her dead. Not knowing who she could trust, her life was in constant danger.

This book was a real page turner and you could feel the tension on each page. A fantastic thriller, with twists and turns keeping you guessing throughout. Raina has a troubled past which comes back to haunt her, and as a reader, you feel really involved in her character.
A definite must read.

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