Love the Way You Dance by Allison M. Boot

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Love the Way You Dance by Allison M. Boot

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Genre – Young Adult / Fantasy

Page Count – 270 pages

Since being adopted by the King and Queen of Starrycrest two years ago, Kara has lived a magical life, complete with doting parents and staff as well as a starring role in the Starrycrest Starlets’ production of The Nutcracker. The princess is on top of the world until big changes threaten her place in the Denison family as well as in the kingdom.

Kara’s magical life quickly turns into a nightmare when she is forced to face her deepest insecurities and prepare for the biggest night of her life with a dance partner whom she does not even like. To complicate matters even more, Stella Dixon, the Starlets new dance instructor, tells the princess about a program in Eclipston that helps orphans find their forever families. Kara loves the idea and wants to implement a similar program in Starrycrest, but others in the royal family refuse.

The tiny royal soon realizes that, in order to be the princess she has always hoped to be and make Starrycrest a better kingdom, she must take matters into her own hands as her mother once did. After an encounter with Victrollia, an evil troll who hates the Denisons and wants to avenge the death of her cousin, Trovella, goes terribly wrong, the princess and her loyalty to her family is put to the ultimate test. In the end, Kara will learn that living life to the fullest means you must love the way you dance.

Much like the main characters in her novels, Allison M. Boot, has a disability. She writes to spread messages of self-acceptance and equality to young boys and girls traveling paths similar to hers in hopes of inspiring them to live their lives to the fullest.


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 Allison M. Boot, otherwise known as the Wheelin’ Wordsmith, writes stories to spread messages of acceptance and equality to kids with disabilities. She earned a Master of Arts in Mass Communication from the University of Dayton and currently resides in Urbana, Illinois with her husband, Dylan. Since relocating to Illinois, she has been blessed to become a member of the Alliance for Inclusion & Respect (AIR), the planning committee for Champaign-Urbana’s annual disABILITY Resource Expo and the Illinois Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC). She also advocates for the rights of those with disabilities as a contributing writer for Yahoo Lifestyle and The Mighty. In addition to her writing, Allison uses social media to advocate for those with disabilities and spread awareness. While she enjoys being a daughter to 2, a sister to 11, an auntie to 12, it is being a wife and a dog mom to 2 that she loves most.

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