Life’s a Witch (New Orleans Nocturnes Book 3) by Carrie Pulkinen – Review by Lianne Probert

Life's a Witch (New Orleans Nocturnes, #3)Life’s a Witch by Carrie Pulkinen
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Life’s a witch is the third instalment in the series from Carrie Pulkinen. You could enjoy this as a stand alone read, but there are characters from the first two books so I find it more enjoyable having already read those. It just helps me set the scene better, plus I already like the characters.
The story picks up with Crimson, who we met in book two. Crimson is a witch who gets herself into trouble. And to be honest, she’s pretty rubbish at casting spells.
Mike Cortez (who sounds dreamy from the second you meet him) is a demon who currently has a pact with the devil. He’s attracted to Crimson but accidentally sells her soul to the devil. In the words of the author Mike wants to ‘date her, not damn her’, so he needs to fix this.
This series gets better with every book. It’s a fun, action packed and flirty read. Just what we all need at the minute. It’s refreshing to read a book in this genre that is funny and bright…and sexy! The characters are far from perfect, but all full of personality, both the women and the men are strong and sexy, you can’t help but like them
I would definitely recommend it.

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