Sunshine Kisses (A Kisses Novella) by Elaine Marie – Review by TaKeisha McCroskey

Sunshine KissesSunshine Kisses by Elaine Marie
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sunshine Kisses is a fast-read romance novella. While this book is part of series, it can stand-alone with the same gripping emotional ties you would expect from any romance story. Once you start, it is difficult to put down and you will find yourself saying “Just one more chapter” over and over again. I found some transitions to seem rushed, but I also found myself reading faster and thinking about how fast life really is, especially for someone with a condition such as the main character’s, which may have been the authors intent.

This story follows a short time between two people, Crystal and Spencer, who have known each other for years, but never considered the option of more… until now. However, given Crystal’s current medical situation, she would prefer to keep her distance, despite what her losses may be in the field of love. The main question you will keep asking yourself is can love overcome fear? Read this story to find out more!

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