Grace’s Ghosts by Stephenie Wilson Peterson – Review by Angela Hayes

Grace's GhostsGrace’s Ghosts by Stephenie Wilson Peterson
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Grace’s Ghosts is a fabulous middle school age children’s paranormal fantasy by Stephenie Wilson Peterson. It is a well woven tale of friendship, ghosts, an old curse, secrets, magic, mystery, and adventure.
Ghosts are drawn to Grace, and ever since she was born they’ve sought her out, so having them around is nothing new to her. In fact, she gets on better with ghosts than she does the living. She’s a bit of a misfit with the other children her age, so all her good friends are ghosts. Her best friend is her cat, Midnight- and you guessed it, Midnight is also a ghost. Grace learns of a curse placed on her town by a witch hundreds of years ago. This curse keeps the souls of everyone, trapped, in the town. The ghosts desperately need Grace’s help to lift the curse- and so the adventure begins. Grace uncovers startling secrets and uncovers much more than she could ever have imagined. It is race against time to find a way to free the ghostly souls, before it’s too late. But considering all her friends are ghosts- where will that leave Grace if the curse is broken?
Grace is a really sweet and caring young lady. I really liked her- and I thought Midnight was a really cute addition to the story.
A great read!

Thank you, Stephenie Wilson Peterson.


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