Love the Way You Dance by Allison M. Boot – Review by Anantha Rusum

Love the Way You DanceLove the Way You Dance by Allison M Boot
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Love the way you dance picks up where the previous book, Just the way you are finished. In this book, Kara, an orphan adopted by Misty and Derrick in the previous book, takes the center stage. What seemed like fairy tale with the prince and princess marrying and adopting an orphan isn’t happily ever after as it was supposed to be.
Misty gets pregnant with twins, leaving Kara with pangs of insecurities. The revelation of the family secrets and the magical powers of the royal family to combat the evil troll make Kara feel more insecure. She starts feeling out of place. She tries to focus all her energy and time in her passion she loves the most, her dancing. But unfortunately, things don’t turn out well when her dance instructor pairs her with a boy she does not like, Tyler. Soon, she gets an idea of pairing up orphans with their forever families in the kingdom. This is not taken very well with the royal family. Kara is now disheartened in all aspects of her life. To top it, the troll on the loose does not make her life any easier.
Now Kara’s loyalty to the royal family is put to the ultimate test and she has to prove herself to them.
It is a very heartwarming story for young readers and adults alike. The theater in the palace, lots of varieties of delectable chocolates, the flexible wheelchair which follows the command of the dancer sitting on it, are delightful episodes to read.
I felt that the book could have been a little shorter, but considering the depth in which Kara’s emotional turmoil and the upheavals are described, it is understandable.
I enjoyed the book overall. It is a delightful read.

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