Night Justice (A Chicago Vigilantes Novel Book 1) by India Kells – Review by Sara Oxton

Night JusticeNight Justice by India Kells
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Night Justice by India Kells a five-star read that will bring justice to the story. This is number one in the Chicago Vigilantes novels and if you have read the women of Purgatory series you will see come characters pop up, but I will be clear and say that you don’t need to have read that series, its just an added extra like seeing an old friend in passing not your bestie after missing each other for 10 weeks, a nice bonus but not a major working part. Orla Karlsen is a very determined character and that can sometimes be a little bit of a flaw for her, when you throw in amazing chemistry and a Vigilante in the form of an Angel, well you have a winning story. It is very quick paced and will keep your adrenalin pumping and your heart a racing, if you like a dark suspenseful romance then you won’t go wrong with this story or this author.

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