DEVIL’S CLAW (A Logan McKenna Mystery Book 3) by Valerie Davisson – Review by Jennifer Gordon

Devil's Claw: Logan Book 3 (The Logan McKenna Series)Devil’s Claw: Logan Book 3 by Valerie Davisson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book three in Davisson’s ‘Logan McKenna Mystery Series’ and having read the previous two novels in the series I was looking forward to this one and was definitely not disappointed. Back with our fearless and extremely likeable and relatable independent heroine Logan McKenna I felt as though I was back with an old friend, as she has another mystery to solve. This novel sees Logan at a good point in her life, with a new job, plenty of time for her love of music and with daughter Amy home, Logan feels that her new life is just beginning.
Logan and Amy rescue an orphaned sea otter pup and this leads them to Jasper’s Sea Otter Centre where they help nurse the pup back to health. The Sea Otter Centre soon gets swept up in the property claim of Lot 429, a stretch of gorgeous coastal property which a lot of powerful players have their sights on including two fighting half siblings. When this leads to a murder of someone close to Logan, she begins to investigate and discovers resentments, greed and painful loss attached to Lot 429. The community must step up and help stop the killer before they strike again and before Logan herself becomes their next victim.
This was Logan’s third mystery and I was hooked from page one and the story kept me gripped until the very last page. The storyline was action packed and fast paced with a plot that kept me guessing until the end. The characters are all well defined and fascinating in their own right but Logan really does hold the story together, for me. It can be read as a standalone novel but the reader will have a better understanding of Logan’s backstory if the series is read in order. I look forward to future books in this exciting series.

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