Road Tripped (Satan’s Devils MC Utah #1) by Manda Mellett – Review by Lisa Helmick

Road Tripped (Satan's Devils MC Utah #1)Road Tripped by Manda Mellett
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Wow! This book! This story! If anything could go wrong it does. It’s full of twists and turns as well as emotion. I’m going to try very hard to not give anything away. Utah certainly is a different sort of MC. But what they do have in common with all the others is their want, need and ability to trust their brothers and have each other’s backs. This story takes us in a trek through uncharted territory with this Utah group.

I loved learning, meeting and greeting all these new characters. As with any great storyteller, the author left enough unanswered questions that those with curious minds will want to know more. I will say my notes on this group have already been written over more times than I can say.

Swift is a different sort of female lead. She is strong..physically and Mentally(most of the time) She has confidence in spades (again most of the time). I liked her because she portrays a tough exterior and thinks she doesn’t have the normal female thoughts and emotions. She has had to fit herself to live in a mans world. Then Road come along.

Road hasn’t been a fav character usually because he is a background guy. I am glad he got his own story. He impressed me as i watched him grow and change in here. I can really fell the emotion and loss that Road feels throughout the book. The author does a great job with that.

Of course we get to see the boys from the Mother Chapter (so excited!). I loved seeing Drummer get all riled up throwing his dominance around. It’s been a while since I have seen him in action. (Smiling fondly) i love seeing how his brain works not discounting all the actions of the brothers he brought with him as well. It’s great seeing them all again.

Overall this is another great book by this author. I love all the interweaving she has done in this well as the others. As always I look forward to more

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