Faerie’s Magic (Seasons of the Fae Book 2) by Jessica Feyden – Review by Anna Hirsch

Faerie's Magic (Seasons of the Fae Book 1)Faerie’s Magic by Jessica Feyden
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Faerie’s Magic (Seasons of the Fae Book 2) by Jessica Feyden
3 stars

Mira is a Fae princess and Cadoc is a wolf shifter. They are fated mates but have quite a few bumps in the road to overcome to truly have a happy ending. They Fae and the Shifters are sworn enemies which makes things harder. I love paranormal romances but this book felt rushed. It’s like the author wanted too many things to happen in one book. There wasn’t a nice flow to the story. One minute they love each other, the next paragraph they are arguing and trying to kill each other. I continually had to stop and reread sentences to figure out what happened. There was no build up to get to know the main characters therefore I felt no connection to them. My favourite character was Cashiel who happened to be a secondary character and wasn’t in the story enough as far as I was concerned. The premise of the story is good and must have been excellent in the mind of the author. There was just trouble putting pen to paper.

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