Faerie’s Magic (Seasons of the Fae book 2) by Jessica Feyden – Review by Kerry Carr

Faerie's Magic (Seasons of the Fae Book 1)Faerie’s Magic by Jessica Feyden
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a great fantasy romance between a Faerie and a wolf shifer. Its a gripping story that keeps you hooked. The authors writing is so good at building the worlds and characters that you feel like you are part of it.

Mira is the Summer Fae princess.  As her time to ascend comes closer she needs to find her fated mate. However, her mother is liking the power of being Queen and doesn’t want to give that up any time soon. Knowing she hasn’t found her fated mate she has Mira’s magic bound.

Cadoc  is the Wolf King.  He goes searching for his fated mate and is surprised when it turns out she is Fae.

Can their love survive the fact that they are so different and sworn enemy’s? How far will the people they should be able to trust work against them to stop their love from growing? Can Cadoc and Mira work together to save both of their people.

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