She’s No Cowgirl (My Cowboy Series Book 5) by Brooke May – Review by Faith Jackson

She's No Cowgirl (My Cowboy Series Book 5)She’s No Cowgirl by Brooke May
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I instantly fell in love with both characters and for separate reasons. Masters needed a getaway from the rough and tough lifestyle as he knew it and Kennedy is nothing like the leading ladies we often read about in books like these. I love that she’s a relatable tomboy but still a lady at heart. She’s capable of being a skirt but the cat and mouse chemistry between these two draw you near as seduction heats up. Their love is an unexpected gift in this book as we learn what rips them apart can bring them together. I love Brooke May’s writing and how she brings the world in her books together seamlessly.

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