Spicetopia Boxed Set (Books 1-4) by Phoebe Alexander – Review by Angela Shirley

Spicetopia Boxed Set (Books #1-4)Spicetopia Boxed Set by Phoebe Alexander
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Spicetopia Series by Phoebe Alexander is a collection of four stories following the characters who are involved in the theme park, Spicetopia and are a great read for those who like a bit of spice in there story.

Sugar and Spice – This is the first book in the series and follows Cy and Jolie. Cy is the Heir to the Spicetopia franchise but when a suggestion that Cy becomes a undercover boss in the theme park, what could go wrong?

Jolie is a single mother working two jobs to make ends meat, but when a new employee catches her eye will she be able to resist this fascinated character.

This story is full of romance and passion. I love the character of Jolie she was strong and Independent which is a challenge for any man. With them both having their secrets it makes a great read. You just are willing these two people along and hoping that when these secrets are revealed it will not end in disaster.

Virtue and Vice – This follows the relationship of Moon and Katja, there story weaves and you get to see the history of there love and there passion which drives them.
This is a seriously steamy story and is full of action, although this does not distract from the beautiful story of these two great characters.

Fire and Ice – This story involves Neve and Enya is a story of opposites attract.

Neve is the head of security for Spicetopia but when he has to follow the Head of Media on a press tour he is not happy but will Enya get under the skin of this gruff man.

Enya is the Media guru within Spicetopia but when they insist she has security with her will she be able to survive working with Neve the grumpy security man.

This story is full of action, with twists and turns it is a great story. These two characters are brilliant together and secretly this was my favourite story. They leap off the page and you will be hurrying to read each page to see find out what happens.

Naughty and Nice – This story follows Natalie a wedding planner but when Micah arrives Natalie finds herself wanting more.

Natalie has been hired to arrange a wedding and as she is planning the service in comes Micah but he is a man of the cloth and she should not be having these feeling regarding him but oh boy.

Micah is the offciate who will marry the two lovely people but when he decides to arrive a few days early to get the lay of the land will he be able to be professional or will a certain wedding planner be a distraction.

This book was lovely, as this book is about the characters in the story and that Micah although he is a man of the cloth but he is a hot blooded male he tries to resist the beautiful siren in Natalie. These two have a great relationship with each other and its a great lovely story of battling head over heart.

This is a great series and really enjoyed reading each story with each one having a different theme and relationship. I have read many Phoebe Alexander books and I love this unique topic and love the world she has created.

Reviewed by Angela Shirley

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