Athalie (Sacrificial Chronicles Book 1) by Jordan Elizabeth – Review by Angela Hayes

Athalie (Sacrificial Chronicles Book 1)Athalie by Jordan Elizabeth
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Athalie is the first book in the Sacrificial Chronicles by Jordan Elizabeth. This is a YA fantasy with action, adventure, discovery, danger, drama, challenges, paranormal elements, Gods, and high stakes, with the fate of the world under threat.
Athalie has a lot of responsibility on her shoulders- the fate of the world to be exact. After being chosen for her people’s yearly sacrifice, she is resurrected by the Gods and given a quest in order to save the world. A weapon ha fallen into the hands of the Emperor who has plans to use it against the enemy- but he doesn’t realise that unleashing that power will actually annihilate their world. Athalie will need to track down the talismans needed to negate the power of the weapon. And so the adventure begins.
I loved the beautiful cover, and the synopsis was quite original and interesting, so I one-clicked a copy and immediately started the adventure. This story sets the Sacrificial Chronicles off to a bit of an epic start, with fascinating details and wonderful character/s.
This is the second book of Jordan Elizabeth’s that I have read- and is my favourite of the two, by far. I am so glad that I took the chance on this book- I will definitely be reading the rest of the series as I need to know where we go from here.
Bring on Book #2!!

Thank you, Jordan Elizabeth!


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