Rick: Ingram Brothers #3 by Roz Lee – Review by Angela Hayes

Rick (Ingram Brothers #3)Rick by Roz Lee
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Rick is the third book in the Ingram Brothers series by Roz Lee. I have come into this series backwards, not realizing that when I one-clicked a copy of this book, that it was the third (and final ?) instalment in the series. This book can be read as a standalone, as each instalment focuses on one particular brother- but having said that, there were references and details in this book that made me curious about what occurred in the previous two books, so I will definitely be going back to read them as well.
Rick has carried the burden of his secret for so long now- all through his military career with the Marines- it weighed heavily on him, but he felt that the military wasn’t the best environment to lay bare his soul. Finding a lover in a fellow Marine was an unexpected bonus, and for six years they kept their own secret from the world. But then Ricks world is shattered when his lover announces that he plans to marry someone else. Drinking his pain away seemed like the best idea at the time- drowning his sorrows in a gay bar- one too many drinks later and Rick is lucky a gorgeous blonde decides to take pity on him. But the blonde turns out to have closer ties to Rick’s world than he first realized- what happens next makes for a great read.
This is an engrossing and emotive MM romance, with just enough drama to keep things interesting.

Thank you, Roz Lee!


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