Stormy’s Thunder (Satan’s Devils MC Utah #2) by Manda Mellett – Review by Kerry Carr

Stormy's Thunder (Satan's Devils MC Utah #2)Stormy’s Thunder by Manda Mellett
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This is the 2nd book in the Utah chapter of the Satan Devil’s MC. I’ve read several of these books and I have loved everyone of them. They are always full of action, danger and romance and the bond between the brothers is so strong.

In this book we get to see Stormy’s story. After he appeared in a previous book his character is not a very likeable one and I went into this book wanting to hate him.

However going through his life you realise what happened to make him become the man he is today.

After Stormy disappears from the club he returns with a bang. He literally crashes into the club. After being taken to hospital in  coma the rest of the club members try to figure out what happened. Where did Stormy go? Who would want to beat him almost to death? Is it something from his past? Or something to do with the club? There are so many questions and no answers.

Add to this story a love interest for Stormy in the shape of Cat who is a strong, independent woman. Can they work together and build each others trust? Can Stormy keep her safe and in doing so keep himself alive?

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