8 Second Ride by Shannon Nemechek – Review by Carrie Reed

8 Second Ride8 Second Ride by Shannon Nemechek
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 stars!

I enjoyed this short and sweet book. I didn’t know if this story was going to work out seeing as how short it was, but the author managed to get in all the information we needed to understand the story. Jess got on my ever loving nerve with the way she acted, but when explained why, I can understand and sympathize with her. It is sweet that she did in fact fall in love with him at first sight but acts like he is nothing but a lowly worker on the ranch. Tuck, I think handled her quite nicely by giving all the nastiness she threw at him, right back to her. I was sad that it had to end and we didn’t to see Tuck go to Vegas for the finals but at least we know he is on his way.

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