Price of a Rose: a Beauty and Beast tale (Historical Fantasy Fairytale Retellings Book 2) by Byrd Nash – Review by Jennifer Gordon

Price of a Rose: A Beauty & Beast Tale (Historical Fantasy Fairytale Retellings Book 2)Price of a Rose: A Beauty & Beast Tale by Byrd Nash
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I loved this sweet romance and retelling of Beauty and the Beast set in a Victorian England in 1890. This is a really original and unique take on a well known and loved fairytale. With a mix of historical romance, fairytale fantasy and sweet romance this story had me happily turning the pages and I read this novella in one sitting. This was an enjoyable and lighthearted read with plenty of humour in the narrative and the storyline was a twist on the traditional tale as old as time. Three sisters have to intervene so they can determine their own fate when their father loses a game of cards to the local recluse, Sir Griffin Garrick. Lily, the oldest is not afraid of hard work and so takes over as his housekeeper, Rose loves the outdoors and so works in his forgotten garden whilst the youngest, Poppy acts as his secretary. The three sisters find the reclusive’s house strange as it’s full of books on magic and rooms that keep moving. Out of the three women it is Rose who could be the key to unraveling Griffin’s curse but first he must recognise what is real and what is fairy magic. I loved the descriptive narrative and wonderful world building throughout this novella and it made me feel immersed in the story. The storyline flows well and the characters come alive due to the authors vivid descriptions of them. A lovely heartwarming and engaging read.

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