Shift Happens (New Orleans Nocturnes Book Two) AUDIO BOOK by Carrie Pulkinen – Review by Kerry Baker

Shift Happens: New Orleans Nocturnes, Book 2 Audiobook by Carrie Pulkinen is a fantastic audio version is an incredible book. Having already read this I knew I really enjoyed the book but I wasn’t expecting the narration to bring the book to life so much. It made it so easy to picture the characters and the adventure that was awaiting for them. I loved being able to visualise every aspect of the book. And the person they got to narrate this was the absolute perfect choice. Her voice drew me in completely and I loved the fact that the accent matched the story so well. It really made for a much more immersive experience and couldn’t not have been done any better. I have a read a lot of books by this author, who has easily become one of my favourites, and from now on I will definitely be listening to more.

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