I Will Bury You by Brandy Nacole – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

I Will Bury YouI Will Bury You by Brandy Nacole
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It is a sunny day, but it isn’t the right weather for a funeral, especially when you are burying a parent and comforting an aunt, but staying strong is the most important thing when you have to be strong for them, even though you are breaking down inside. As we leave the cemetery and head home, she announces that the house needs to be cleared, things organised into piles for donation, items to sell at the antique shop and things to keep and it all has to be done in less than a week before she moves into a retirement home. This is all a shock and while going through the things in the attic first, this is when the time gaps start, one minute looking at a drawing, the next a banging announcing that tea is late and her routine is broken and routine is everything for her nowadays. Later on after she is settled into her chair with an audiobook, the sorting and organising continues, however, the things that are found are both disturbing and at the same time unknown, there are drawings and pictures, that are new to the eyes and the questions they bring up are blown off when an explanation is needed.

As the packing continues the boy next door comes to visit and it is like no time has passed between the last time he was here, but the conversation is lacking but the passion is still there until he says something unusual and is asked to leave when tempers alight and anger is ignited, but this is the last time he is seen alive, but the person in the spotlight for causing it doesn’t know why they are there, but this is just the beginning of the strange things that start to happen. The time gaps increase and the memories associate them are fuzzy and incomplete, but when somebody else is hurt and the spotlight seems even brighter and more blame is piled on top, things start to unravel, the mind starts to fracture and the explanations seem far fetched, but that is where the truth lies, however unbelievable it is.

As the injuries and bodies pile up and the darkness creeps in, the unbelievable becomes fact and the fear increases, but what has happened during the time gaps and will the incomplete memories explaining them ever be revealed? Who is the one who has been doing all these hurtful things and why? When the person seen in the mirror is not the one you know, how would you react? This is a thought provoking murder mystery with a twist where you have to read to the end to understand the tale, but it is well worth the read and you will be rushing to the conclusion to find out if your suspicions and assumptions are indeed the correct ones.

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