The Luminara Series: Box Set Volume 1: Lussuria – L’amore – Lucca’s Lust by SJ Molloy. – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

The Luminara Series: Box Set Volume 1: Lussuria - L'amore -Lucca's LustThe Luminara Series: Box Set Volume 1: Lussuria – L’amore -Lucca’s Lust by S.J. Molloy
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This book is only suitable for those over 18 as it contains adult themes and content which could trigger some readers.

Lexi is a woman who has been to Hell and back again, but the things she experienced there have broken her in more ways than one and she is mired in darkness, but she is also afraid of her own shadow, afraid that she will be dragged back to Hell and she is terrified of what will happen if she is. At night when she sleeps, she has nightmares where she relives everything she has been through, she is closed off and anxious about everything and uses her medication and therapy to try and just survive her everyday life, but when Lucca walks into her life out of the blue, things will never be the same again.

Lexi is preparing for a girls holiday away with her best friend, but before she can get home to pack, she has to finish unpacking the moving boxes in her new physiotherapy office in a leisure centre, the lease has just been agreed and she needs to prepare everything for her business partner when he opens up while she is away. She is also trying to field messages and phone calls from her other friends and family, but she hasn’t got the time or energy to deal with all that drama as well as everything else, however when she does acknowledge them, it leads her into a panic attack and just as she is going full pelt into it there is a knock at the door. She jumps up in shock and turns her back on the Italian voice she hears, but he ignores the request to give her a moment and comes straight over, lifting her chin up to look at him and asks again if she is ok. As she slowly raises her eyes, she cannot help but admire his physique, he is tall, muscly, domineering and very masculine, but the moment that their eyes meet she cannot look away, he is gorgeous and has a warm aura, but the intensity is off the charts, never mind the sex appeal.

After he introduces himself as Lucca, it turns out that he is there for a consultation as his back is hurting him, but she is finding it so hard to concentrate, as she hasn’t been affected in this way by anyone in this way before, however, she manages to get through the consultation, despite trying to ignore the fact that he is most definitely aroused and that it is affecting her in the same way and it terrifies her, especially when he asks her to dinner, but she refuses and just about maintains her professionalism until he leaves. When she eventually finishes work and she goes home and discusses it with her girls, they are all happy that this has happened and help her to get to grips with the feelings, she also deals with her family and the news they have for her, then she focuses on her girls night in and preparing for her holiday the next day.

The next day dawns early and she finialises her preparation, she is looking forward to the three weeks away she has planned, when she does set off on the journey, she is nervous, but excited, especially when they are traveling through the countryside and see the hotel for the first time. They are warmly welcomed with food and drinks and given time to freshen up before heading down for dinner with the other people who are staying there, however, when she entered the room and sees Lucca, her brain goes into panic mode, fight or flight sets in and she does what she always does and runs away. She feels like she is being stalked and just wants to go straight home, however she finds out that it is an accident and that it is actually the hotel owner’s grandson. It turns out that he wants to see her and apologise for the shock, she reluctantly agrees and is happy when her friend supports her with the decision, but when she finds that she finds comfort in his touch and is not acting in her usual way she is shocked, but when she starts to open up and agrees to spend some time with him to get to know him because he is persistent in his requests and this is the start of something neither of them is prepared for.

Will Lexi be able to spend time with Lucca and feel comfortable doing it, will she spurn his advances or will she let her walls down and allow him to see her and everything which she is holding behind those walls and will Lucca be able to accept her as she is, baggage and all, or will this just be something to break out of her shell? This is a story of trauma, emotions, love, acceptance and finding light in the darkness which will pull you into their lives and keep you there as you go on their journey with them.

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