Twisted Throttle: Satans Devil’s MC (Second Generation #3) by Manda Mellett-Review by Amanda Kimble

Twisted Throttle (Satan's Devils MC Second Generation #3)Twisted Throttle by Manda Mellett
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5/5 Stars

Twisted Throttle: Satan’s Devils MC Second Generation #3 by Manda Mellett

This book is freaking amazing. Manda Mellett knows what she is doing by writing these fantastic books. Twisted Throttle is amazing.

Gwen moves back to town after college
Pursuing a career in law she is working hard to pay off her debts. Then Throttle comes back into her life. The quote I chose for Gwen is: “You don’t need to do that. I can get a cab. Or…. Can you give me a lift back to my car?”

Noah, aka Throttle, is another kid who was born and raised in the MC. His dad being the ex-SAA of the club, but he’s now a patched in member. When Gwen comes back into his life he starts seeing her differently. The quote I chose for Throttle is: “F no. She was Lisa’s best buddy for a while back in high school, but she never came to the compound so you wouldn’t remember her. I used to pull her pigtails. We caught up when I came in a week back. I hadn’t seen her for years before then.”

Highly recommended for MC Romantic lovers.

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