Dirty Tactics (Special Weapons & Tactics Book 1) AUDIO BOOK by Peyton Banks – Review by Angela Shirley

Dirty Tactics (Special Weapons & Tactics, #1)Dirty Tactics by Peyton Banks
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When I looked over to my new neighbour my heart picked up, he is so alpha male it just oozes from him. When Mac first saw his new neighbour running he can’t get her out of his mind but his job is dangerous and does he really want to put Serena is danger.

Mac is an elite SWAT commander and his alpha male sexiness is always in the for front but Mac is always wary regarding his love life as he is always a target and would not want to put anyone else in that world.

Serena has seen her hot neighbour and fantasise about having just on night with him but when an encounter where she worked rouses more that anger within Serena she then tries to get closer to this sexy man.

This story explodes from the first words spoken, the story is brilliant and although I did feel at times that the character of Serena was out of character with some of the interactions with Mac I still enjoyed the overall chemistry between these two characters.

I did enjoy the narrators who I felt gave these characters a great voice and personality, I will definitely be listening to more stories in this series.

Reviewed by Angela Shirley

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