Code Name: Vulture (The Order of the Condor Series Book 1) by Maya Daniels and Sylvia Black – Review by Angela Hayes

Code Name: Vulture: Dark Vampire Romance (The Order of the Condor Series Book 1)Code Name: Vulture: Dark Vampire Romance by Maya Daniels
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3.5 Stars


“Easy, little bird. You’ll wear yourself out before it’s time to play.”

Vulture is one of the Order of the Condor, a vampire and specially bred killer whose latest contract becomes a little more complicated than he first imagined. An ancient relic, a multimillion dollar bid, a sassy museum curator, fated mates, hidden agendas, prophecy, vampires, magic, danger, and sizzling chemistry brew into quite an intense situation. There is definitely more to the situation than he expected. He is the predator and Danielle just became his prey. Outbidding her at the auction was just the first step in his plan- abducting her his second step- now, if he can only get her to cooperate and divulge everything she knows about the relic.
Danielle was outbid at the auction, then abducted and thrown in a cage- held captive by the monster for hire. Her world changes in an instant when she realises that all the tales she’s heard aren’t fantasy, they are in fact real- monsters and the supernatural really do exist…… and the fate of the vampire world is at stake.
Code Name: Vulture is the first book in The Order of the Condor Series by Maya Daniels & Sylvia Black. It is a dark paranormal romance with vampires, the supernatural, suspense, action, violence, drama, chemistry, sizzle, danger, magic, bondage, dominance, abduction, captivity, agendas, and mystery.
There were some intense scenes that had me holding my breath, as well as some darkish themes. This is a fairly fast-paced story full of descriptive details- but, I felt like the story suffered a little, at times, due to the hectic pace. I also had a few issues where the wrong word/s were used, for example; esthetic instead of ecstatic- two similar words but with very different meanings…. they pulled me out of the story and had me rereading parts to try to make sense of what I had read.
Code Name: Falcon (Book #2) continues the story of the Order of the Condor- with Falcon and Cara’s story…

Thank you, Maya Daniels and Sylvia Black!


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